The British car project – refurbishing a 1974 MGB

Lots of pictures of before during and after my mgb project , started in January 2019.

Basis is a 1974 MGB Roadster, Right Hand Drive, with german TÜV, that had been owned by a German from 2008 on. The car had some work done on it before 2008 but it is not known what is hidden underneath that work…so here’s my log of the work I am doing.

Phase 1: get it through the German inspection which is due in March.

To do:

1: replace rear brake cylinders

2: replace worn parts of rear suspension

3: repair steering column

4: repair drivers door (the well known rip in the skin by the wing window…

5: repair / replace the thermostat

So off I go.. here’s a bunch of pictures showing before during and after most of that work..

This is what she looked like when I bought her.
A look in the boot at first glance looks good I believe it’s a new lid though
All the mounting screws were loose, as a matter of fact lots of stuff was loose all over the car, spent several hours just going around tightening things.. but it all works quite well except the heater.
The wire wheels look ok need to be cleaned up and repainted. Spokes are all ok.


Thermostat bolt looks wrong …so I’ll replace that.
And the steering column had about 3 inches of vertical play …so I took it out , broke it down and repaired the crash protection parts, now it is correct …
The steering wheel had been mounted wrong, fixed that.

Here’s some more pics of the stuff I need to fix…doors, sills, brakes, fuel lines and and and…

Drivers door was next , complete strip down , welding , rust removal and base painted first coat for rust protection. It will get another base paint coat then go back on the car, till we are ready to strip down the whole thing …, replaced all the rubber bits, well waiting for them to arrive, meanwhile I will manufacture the two lower window rail holders as they are nothing but rust. The door itself has a relatively new skin on it, but they didn’t bother doing a good job on the mechanical parts..sloppy..

So we decided that we are going to paint the car Damask Red

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